Next on the NCC Schedule

Nov. 20th – 4 p.m., Opera Arias and Choruses: North Coast Chorale will be singing chorus selections in collaboration with Cascadia Concert Opera.  St. Helen’s Catholic Church, 1350 W. 6th Ave., Junction City, OR. More information will be added soon.

Harvest Moon Festival

Come to the Garden of Surging Waves this Friday evening, Sept. 16, 2016, for a community celebration from 6 to 6:30 pm. The North Coast Chorale will be there to sing a couple of songs as part of the celebration. The Garden of Surging Waves is located at 11th and Duane Sts. in Astoria.

Chorale members should arrive at the garden park by 5:30 pm. See you there!


NCC Begins Rehearsing Sept. 6th

Once again, it is time for the North Coast Chorale to start a new season. May2016 bacstage group

Our first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, at 6:45 p.m. at  the Performing Arts Center (PAC), 16th & Franklin Sts., in Astoria.

If you love to sing, come join us!

Here’s the 2016-17 schedule of concerts:

  • Sept. 16th – Harvest Moon Festival at Garden of Surging Waves
  • Nov. 20 – Chorale will join Cascadia Concert Opera of Eugene to sing selections from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.
  • Nov. 27th“Messiah” Sing along
  • Dec. 10th & 11th – Winter Concert  “Here We Come A Caroling”
  • Dec. 17 – Chorale will make a guest appearance at the North Coast Symphonic Band’s holiday concert.
  • Feb. – Opera with Cascadia Opera Company
  • May 6th & 7th – Spring Concert

Art Added to NCC Armed Man Performance

Adding to the collaboration of singers and instrumentalists, Astoria’s LightBox Photographic Gallery will feature photographs of associate member Friderike Heuer.  Frederike Heuer photog

Friderike Heuer creates visual images inspired by written words. Her work is dedicated to issues of social justice including the past and present consequences of war.  Heuer’s photo montages will be projected during the performance to enhance the artistic and philosophical poignancy of the Mass for Peace.  Framed prints of these same images will be displayed in the lobby for viewing and/or purchase.

Heuer creates visual images inspired by written words. “I’m thrilled to create montages that serve peace.  War and its consequences certainly have been a red thread throughout my work. We’re not aware of what we’re doing. We look away too often. Fri army collageWe’re numb from fun movies. We’re numb from TV,” she says. “I believe art serves as a mirror to society. It can act as our conscience.”

“In terms of what I do: I photograph both here in the US and in Europe and then put those pictures into Photoshop and manipulate them so they are more like paintings, often overlaying multiple photographs, and always playing with texture and color.  They are usually printed on German Etching paper, which enhances the painterly aspects.” Shown above is the photo montage for “L’homme Arme.”

Armed Man update

The North Coast Chorale has been diligently learning poster with dove and burning city
The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace. This Sunday marks the first rehearsal for string players as those parts have arrived. Rehearsal is at the PAC at 3 pm.

Posters, flyers, and card handouts are in the works now by Phyllis Taylor. She did a watercolor that represents the words of the whole work, from war to hope for the future. See the small visual posted here.

Do you love to sing?

The North Coast Chorale is always looking for new singers and welcomes new members in our community-based choir. Go to our About Us page to learn more rehearsals and membership, but here’s the powerful music we will be performing on May 21 and 22nd in Astoria: Karl Jenkins’s The Armed Man – A Mass for Peace and Srul Irving Glick’s The Hour Has Come.

4 altos

Welsh composer, Karl Jenkins, The Armed Man wrote this anti-war piece based on the Catholic Mass. It is interspersed with text from other religious and historical sources, principally the 15th-century folk song L’homme armé in the first and last movements. There is the Islamic call to prayer, quotes from Psalms and Revelation in the Bible as well as quotes from British writers Dryden, Swift, Kipling and Tennyson. One of Jenkins’ most popular works, this piece starts with military-style music representing the descent into war and ends the mass with hope for peace. Various orchestral instruments and a diverse array of percussion provide the backdrop for the singers.

Prominent Canadian composer, Srul Irving Glick  wrote The Hour Has Come in 1985, a choral symphony set to Poem No. 6  by Carole Leckner.

Seasonal Gifts and Celebrations

kwanzaa_familyThe chorale presented their fall 2015 concert in the PAC on December 12 & 13, to appreciative audiences. The program, Seasonal Gifts & Celebrations, featured two extended compositions: Mid-Winter Songs by Morten Lauridsen, and The Nguzo Saba Suite by Glenn Edward Burleigh.

Mid-Winter Songs, published by Opus Music, is based on poems by Robert Graves, and was commissioned by the University of Southern California. The poems focus on the Winter Solstice, still celebrated by Nordic cultures. In many northern nations, the day is shorter than here in the Northwestern U.S. Many myths arose about why the sun didn’t shine for longer periods, kindling fear in many primitive cultures that the sun was dying, signaling the end of the world. The Print Makers of Astoria have created some visual impressions of the poems in Mid-Winter Songs, which were displayed in the lobby and were available for purchase.

The Nguzo Saba Suite featured Libby Olsen and Nara VanDeGrift of Maddox Dance Studio, choreographed by Emily Gilbertson. Kwanzaa was created by Dr. Maulana Karena in 1966 to give African Americans a special holiday of their own which would encourage consecutive focus on heritage, family, community and the worth and dignity of the individual, within a communal context. Kwanzaa was not meant to be a Christmas substitute, but was intended to eschew the emphasis on materialism which has so permeated American Christmas observances. While he envisioned it as a non-religious celebration, Karena hoped that celebrants would infuse it with their own personal values and family traditions. Composer Glenn Burleigh has done just that, explaining that he has approached the writing of both music and text for the Suites as an African man who is very much rooted in the Christian religion. The seven principles of Kwanzaa can be realized in any culture and in today’s global society.

Accompanied by guest pianist Andrew Pham of Eugene, the chorale also sang some traditional holiday songs, and the audience joined in for a singalong of Deck the Halls, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Jingle Bells, and a prop-infused Twelve Days of Christmas.


We are always looking for new singers!

Love to sing? The study of music has been demonstrated to improve cognitive ability, enhance mathematical performance and improve your outlook on life. The North Coast Chorale welcomes new members of all levels. While the ability to read music is a plus, recorded performance aids are available so that anyone with a love of singing can add their voice to bring great performances to the North Coast of Oregon and SW Washington.

If you are interested in singing with the North Coast Chorale, rehearsals are Tuesday evenings from 6:45 to 9:00pm at the Clatsop Community College Performing Arts Center on the corner of 16 and Franklin Streets in Astoria.

“Singing opens our hearts and minds and I am convinced that through the message of music, we can make a difference in the way people look at their lives and the universe.”
>Dr. Denise Reed-Hinds, North Coast Chorale music director